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We are a producer of events, artistic and cultural shows, integrated by a team of professional and committed producers, artistic directors, musicians and dancers, with more than 30 years of experience in the national and international market.

We specialize in the design, assembly and production of "themed events", according to the taste, needs and goals of each client. We offer a wide variety of products and high-quality innovative solutions for all types of events.

At Hinestra, we specialize in cultural management and artistic production, so that our clients can go from the design, the script and the logistics, to the execution of their activity. We also offer the development and presentation of shows or artistic services.

We have the participation of well-known companies and groups in different artistic areas such as folk, popular, classical, and contemporary, among others.


  • To propose, produce and present high-quality scenic shows, artistic and other type of assemblies for our customers, which mainly use the languages of dance, music and performance.
  • To develop and enhance the capacities of the artistic and technical cast of companies, to bring them closer to the different national and international audiences.
  • To agglutinate multi-stage artistic groups of great quality that allows the presentation of integral, versatile and dynamic productions.
  • Provide practical, innovative, comprehensive and personalized options for our customers’ needs.


"To develop and produce artistic and cultural services of high quality and innovation, that exceed the expectations of our clients, taking care of all the details to generate an added value to the service and to treat our business partners in a fair and professional way."


"To be the event-production company chosen for our innovation, quality, professionalism and excellent service."


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